Happy Customer: Leslie Read from Santa Cruz

Chuck Jilka came to the rescue under every possible constraint for a carpenter. I was selling my house and it was under contract. The unpermitted garage apartment… that we had been told was ‘grandfathered claused’ was NOT…and we had to revert it back to a garage. FAST.

I needed two garage doors to replace what had been walls with windows. Not one square inch was plumb. The garage doors had to be designed and built from scratch and the job had to be done in the three week deadline set buy the buyers. THEN it had to be inspected by the city.

Chuck came to access and bid the job. Friendly…efficient and completely confident that he could do the job. He left no doubt in my mind. AND he gave me the best price.

Once he started working the other two workers on the job had to step up their game. Chuck is a hard worker and non-stop. The difference in work ‘ethic’ was night and day.

The garage doors turned out perfect. The time spent with him…under a very pressurized and potentially stressful project…was actually FUN. The inspection went without a hitch.

I cannot recommend Chuck higher…He is the BEST!

-Leslie Read

One thought on “Happy Customer: Leslie Read from Santa Cruz”

  1. Chuck Jilka has done remarkable work at our house. He has laid pavers for our patio and they look wonderful. He has painted inside and out and it looks great. He has constructed two beautiful posts on our porch. We are extremely satisfied with his work and would recommend him to anyone.

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