What handyman services do you offer?
Please see our Handyman Services page.

What areas do you serve?
Please see our Service Area page.

How do you charge?
We charge for time and materials.  We are efficient with our time and perform only quality work.

Do you give estimates?
Yes, we will provide an estimate for your job based on our experience.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Only cash or checks.

Do you offer a warranty?
It’s unlikely you’ll need it, but yes we do.  We offer a one-year guarantee policy.

Do you charge a trip-charge?
Unlike many of our competitors, we DO NOT.

How quickly can the work be done?
It depends on the scope of the work. Some jobs can be completed the
same day, others may take a few weeks. Call us to inquire.

Do you offer emergency service?

Who picks up supplies?
That’s your choice. You can, or we can do it.

Do you offer senior discounts?
Yes we do.

Do you offer veterans discounts?

Do you have references?
Yes. Check out our Customer Testimonials page, or give us a call and
we’d be happy to provide you with references.

Are you hiring contractors?
At the moment, no.

Do you mark up materials that you purchase for the job?
No, we only charge for the amount on the actual receipt.

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